#BCFest2015 AfterMovie the RECAP [Video]

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Founded as a community-building initiative for the city’s oft-neglected southeastern section, the festival’s focus is on healthy living and sustainable urban development first, with good times and good music coming in a very close second. Despite being D.C.-centric in its community work, BC Fest organizers have consistently put together lineups worthy of just about any festival stage nationwide, and this past weekend’s edition — the festival’s third — was no exception. – Billboard


Executive Producers:
Nicole Pinedo
Brandon McEachrn

Director of Photography:
Nicole Pinedo
Sam Howells

Nicole Pinedo

Nicole Pinedo

Associate Producers:
Tia Dabney

Line Producer:
Tatiana Dabney

Nicole Pinedo, Demarcus Davis, Sam Howells, Stevenson Opoku, Virginia Zander, Wayne Bertram, 1st Impressions

Music: “Beneath the Brine” by The Family Crest

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