Freedome “I Wont Go” feat Shabazz Da Example + “The Golden Rule” feat. T-Will

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“I Won’t Go” is the first single off of “R.E.A.L. (Realizing Everything Ain’t Love)” ft. Shabazz Da Example A.K.A. The Wino Dread, produced by Legacy Da Producer. In his first visuals Directed by up and coming Urban Film Makers, Freedome embodies the nature of man as he battles the day to day impulses to self destruct in the face of adversity, and crabs in the barrel mentality. Putting the hip hop community on its ears, he challenges the listener with lines such as ” You want me to make some ole rap happy music, like the police won’t come up and clap me music…”. Shabazz Da Example let’s us know that as a whole we are not yet too far gone and can make necessary changes, if we are willing to take responsibilities for our actions individually, and collectively, as he tells the listener ” truth will hurt you, but a lie will kill you…”
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