Taz Money


I liked to say he’s better than the veterans that’s twice his age. Taz Money, born to the world as Dante Arnett on the 29th day of September is 25 years of lyrical fire. Showing signs of his genius at an early age by writing rhymes as young as 8, Taz was born into the world of Hip Hop. Dealing with the absence of his father, Taz took heed to the lyrics of notorious male figures. Although young without siblings, Taz knew the strength of his mother could not make him into a man and naturally he became a man in the streets of Glenarden, MD.

As Taz Money became more knowledgeable about the music industry he realized the producers are paid substantially more than the artist. At the age of 12, Taz Money made the rare combination of artist and producer seem instinctual. By age 13, he caught the attention of top industry producer, Pharell Williams at Washington DC’s 95.5 radio station. This experience gave Taz an insight into the politics of the music business.



“Seen It All” (Freestyle)

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” Boomin’ “

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